Recovery Through Entrepreneurship (RTE) is a nonprofit that helps individuals in recovery take a proactive social entrepreneurial approach to explore and develop careers. RTE includes training in digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills followed by a Shark Tank like competition where students pitch projects focused on treatment program improvement and social problem solutions. RTE also offers professional training for substance abuse treatment and vocational rehabilitation counselors. RTE aims to help improve vocational services and impact policy.

Recovery Through Entrepreneurship works with individuals in recovery to explore and build careers.  Ex-offenders and substance abusers are too often on the wrong side of the Digital Divide (the separation between individuals who know how to use a computer and appreciate the value of computer skills, and those who do not). Without access and the ability to use a computer, an individual is greatly restricted in his or her ability to be competitive in today’s world.

The approach is relatively inexpensive since it can be integrated into the treatment systems (residential, outpatient and prisons). RTE teaches modern entrepreneurial practices to clients and counselors at drug treatment programs through web tools that simultaneously improve digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

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